3 & 4 month old hens - too cold for them?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by anndee, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. anndee

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    Sep 17, 2007
    seattle, wa
    hello -
    pretty new to the hen thing - picked up 3 hens, all fully feathered that have been outside for weeks. they are 4 months and 3 months old.
    i do not have a warming light, was told by the farmer whom i purchased from, and other hen owners that a warming light is NOT needed any longer for them.
    i picked them up this past firday, they seem just fine, huddling together when i check on them in late eve, early a.m., and out in the run otherwise.
    with the weather we are having here in Seattle (high 40's overnight and high has only been in high 60's during daytime hours), do you guys have any input if i should warm them up?
    i am obviously concerned cause i am soooo new at this, and want to be sure they are OK!
  2. Mrs MIA

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    Mar 3, 2008
    They should be ok. As long as they have an enclosure to get out of the elements, they'll be fine. Mine are 3 months old, and staying out in the henhouse/yard and we're still dipping into the 30s at night, 50s-60s during the day. They huddle for warmth at night, or go in the coop, but it's good conditioning them for the cooler temps.

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    Mine are 3 months old and even on the warmer nights, they huddle together. I think they just feel safer.

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