3-4 week old chick with large wart like things on comb and feet joints


10 Years
Aug 4, 2009
Central Florida
i am watching a chick for someone. i got it on last tuesday. by friday or saturday i noticed there was something wrong with it's comb. it was a large swollen circle. when i looked at it's feet, every joint is swollen including the bottoms of the feet. i've looked up fowl pox, and all of the pictures show small bumps. not large ones. i have no idea what this could be besides that though. it is in a brooder at my house with 8 other birds that aren't showing any symptoms...but before i got this bird to babysit for my friend, it was outside with it's momma who's not in a coop, she free ranges.

does anyone have any other idea besides fowl pox? it is bleeding a little where the large wart like things are cracking. do i keep neosporin on the legs? it is getting fish mox in the water, because i figured at this point, not knowing what it is, it couldn't hurt. i figured if it was something in my brooder, my other chicks should have it also right?

plz help.



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Mar 3, 2009
I wonder if it isnt pecking fromt he other birds... Try spraying with blukote and see if it doesnt go down./...

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