3.5 days of incubation...candling...this look right


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Sep 27, 2010
I have seen others that candle at 3 days even 4 days. These are basically 3 1/2 days in, they almost all look like this with what looks like the yolk sitting at the top of the egg. I am holding then with the small side down just like they sit in the turner. My goofy self dropped one and cracked it and started to try to tape it up and put it back in...lol dont think that would work but was distraught about losing one. I did an "egg topsie" and did find blood in the yolk but it was all runny.

Another case of leaping before I looked. I had a friend come over with a light for candling and check them out. When he looked from the top of the egg you could see the air sac and also the "yolk" was in the middle of the egg. I did drop one and it cracked ( /scream) so I did an egg topsie on it and there was some blood/veins in it....very small tho. I had a second egg that was stuck to the turner tray and I couldnt get it out. I didnt know if I should leave it and if it does well just lay the tray on its side when it came time to hatch or try to get it out. My friend told me it might be an oozer which made me worry more. I pulled the whole tray out and tried to "wash" it out with warm water...it was sticky on the bottom. To make a long story short it broke, another egg topsie show'd it had something growing in it as well. I started with 12 eggs and have managed to wipe out 2 of them on my own this morning and am ready to shoot myself.
If that egg was leaking maybe I did the right thing.....maybe if I had just left the house this morning maybe that would have been the best thing to do too.

Stuff happens. No biggy. Wait till day 7 and try again (candle from the top it's much easier)

Good luck and keep us updated !!
Oh man....if only I had know that before cracking the egg open to investigate....might could have saved one. Can you use grafting wax?
This is the very reason I dont candle any of my eggs. Everytime I do, I end up breaking one. Not really my fault, I dont have any fingers on either hand, only 5 thumbs!!

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