3-5 month old Pullet suddenly died

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    I have narrowed down the issue to wry neck, coccidiosis (sp?) Or mereks. Although i dont think that is what it was.
    I came home and found one of my young pullets in the run puffed in a ball shivering. I thought she got cold since it was sleeting so i brought her inside in a tote. I let her warm up and noticed her stool was yellow and very watery. Tried to get her to drink but she wouldn't. I even tried with a dropper and she just let tbe water run out of her beak. I did notice she seemed a little off balance and couldnt get up with out assistance. I monitored her and she started to go down hill fast. I have never seen a chicken decline so fast. Within 1hr she started shrieking and flopping around. I got her calm. After about 5 min she started to have a tick in her head then she would rear her head back over the top of her body and flap frantically. It was almost like she was having a sezure. Shortly after this i made the tough decision to put her down and end the suffering. She passed while i was walking out to put her down. All of this happened with in 2 hrs of finding her. She was fine up to that point no sign of illness. Now i am worried about my other chickens. No one is showing signs of issues. Anyone have any ideas what would cause such a violent and sudden death? Thank you in advance.
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    I'm sorry for your loss[​IMG]

    Unfortunately, without a necropsy or testing there is no way to know the cause of death. If you still have her body, I recommend that you send it to your state lab to determine the cause.

    That said. If she was perfectly fine and died in a matter of hours, then you may want to investigate if she ingested anything toxic or rotten. Look for any rotten carcasses or maggots, rat poison, fertilizer, weed killer, etc. that she may have gotten into. Botulism or toxins could cause such a quick decline. Some other things would be heart attack or stroke. But there's no way to know unless someone examines her.

    Necropsy and State labs

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