3.5 week old Porcelain has toes curled in!!!


12 Years
Dec 19, 2007
Brighton, CO
I just noticed this because her feet are so feathered. Her outside toes are curled to the inside and she walks on them.
Is there anything we can do?? Wrap them to straighten them out? Otherwise she is healthy and bops aroung like all the others.







Not the best shots but any help would be appreciated.

And please don't tell me to put her down. When we mess with her toes it doesn't seem to hurt her.
If an animal can get around and it's a pet, no reason to cull. Just don't breed her.

It might be kind of late, but you can try putting braces on her feet to straighten the toes forward. You'll have to leave them on a long time since she is already so old, but since she is still growing, it may be possible. Good luck!
Oh thanks Silkie, this just crushed me. The way she gets around I would've never thought that something like this was going on and we've been picking them up and playing with them. But just never noticed. She's definitely a pet.

What kind of braces are you referring to and where would I get them?

I would think to scale up the baby chick type. Basically you make a card board cut out and tape the feet to the cardboard. Normally day olds aren't strong enough or big enough to peck off the boards on their feet but it is worth a try. Might have to make "tubes" to put her toes in and then tape that to the cardboard. She wont be happy about it for sure.
Whew that sounds like a family project to me
. Thank you for your help Silkie. I'll get something put together tomorrow. She ought to really be happy then :thun

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