3 adopted adult ducks - training to come back?

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    Oct 12, 2013
    We adopted 3 adult ducks, approx 3 years old. We have a large pond, and I need to figure out how I will get them back in by calling. Their previous home had a very small man made pond in the back yard. They would corral them toward the pen and they would go right in. They had been constantly fed at their previous home, so I was thinking I would do an AM and PM feed, and let them out before the PM feed. First introducing to the yard and a kiddie pool, then the pond in about a week. Who knows how it will go, they may try to go right in. They seem pretty anxious to get out even with a nightly small bath in the pen. What kind of calls work for you?

    Any ideas welcome.

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    I whistle I have done this for years, I put feed and mealworms inside a coffee can and whistle and shake the can they know both sounds means something good is waiting for them. Only feed them inside their pen and make sure to put food up early afternoon so you can get them back inside hungry before dusk. Give them something yummy as a treat and for coming then feed them before closing them into their house for the night. If they are in the pond as your walking to the pond shake the can and whistle or what ever call you decide on that way they are already alerted to snack time. at first you may have to give them a small amount of snack to get them to follow you but only at first. You want them coming all the way into the pen before they get their snack. I'd keep them closed up at least 2 weeks so they know for sure where home is.
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