3 adult rabbits and 5 baby rabbits need a home they live in Massachusetts


8 Years
Jul 5, 2013
Billerica Ma
Hi ok here's the story I am trying really hard to find home for these rabbits for my daughthers friends parents. The rabbits are a mix I think? if you would like one or two please pm me. One has wry neck he very sweet I might take him but iam not sure I have a male rabbit he very friendly. Their are 5 babies from 2 different litters and 5 adults. I put them on Craig's list sat night and found homes for 2 of the baby's . I am trying to used every option out there to place them in a home. These aren't care for like they should be and that's why they gave me permission to fine homes becouse the dad just want to let them go. So I had a fit and offered to help. Please don't be judge mental like I said I am trying to help to find homes for them.





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