3 Ayam Cemani Cockerels

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    I have 2 Ayam Cemani cockerels for sale. 1 is 8 months old and 1 is 11 weeks old. I am NPIP certified so I can ship anywhere in the US. The older boys have mulberry in their wattles and the younger one is too early to tell how he will turn out. Mouths are grey to white. Very beautiful feather colors and no leakage. Selling at lower than normal price because of mulberry coloring. Please message me if interested. Photos are of parent stock.
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  2. Svart Honas

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    I am interested in you Ayam Cemanis if you still have them, I raise Svart Honas and a few Kadaknaths this is the one breed I've been looking everywhere for thanks an md hope to hear back from you.

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