3 Bantam Easter Egger Roos in Las Vegas, NV


6 Years
Sep 11, 2013
Hello, I haven't posted before, I tend to be a lurker type (sorry), but I find I am in need of finding a new home for some extra roosters in my flock. I live in Northeast Las Vegas and received 9 straight-run bantam Easter egger chicks back in April. Of the 6 that survived to near-adulthood, 4 ended up being roosters. I have been strictly forbidden from "processing" the extra roos, by my 7 year old son, so I need to find a new home for 3 of the roos. Frankly, with the amount of work it took to get them, I would rather find a home for them that would like to breed some egg color into their flock. The chicks were purchased from Cackle Hatchery. They were shipped on April 24, so should be about 22 weeks old. The hens haven't laid yet, so I can't verify egg coloring, but I wouldn't be able to know what color the guys genes are carrying anyway. The roos are an interesting mix of colors, I have two mostly black roosters. One of the two has some bronze feathering around his neck, the other is black and grey throughout. The one with bronze feathering around his neck has shown a small amount of aggression, he pecked at me once while I was feeding them and he has charged my 4 year old son. I also have a roo that appears to me to be colored a bit like a Rhode Island Red, and another that is just colorful, with a white head, brown body, and dark tail feathers. I have pics of all four below, though the all-black roo is camera shy and the only full-body pic of him is a bit blurry. I would like to keep one of the non-black roos, but I am flexible for which of the two I will keep. If I don't hear back before too long, I will see if they will buy or take them at Nellis Farm & Feed, but I would rather offer them up to the BYC community first. If you are interested, please PM me and we will see what we can do to arrange transportation for whichever roos you may be interested in. Thank you! Black roo with bronze neck feathering, and one of my two hens in the background. Another pic of the black & bronze guy with the one who looks like a Rhode Island Red to me Side pic of the RIR-lookalike, and my other hen (Goldie) Mister colorful, and my hen (kids named her Camouflage) The RIR's face, a close up pic of the neck feathers of one black roo, and the only full pic of my all black roo. Both colorful pretty boys. I would like to keep one of these two, but I am flexible as to which (at least until/unless one of them starts attacking kids) Thank you!
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