3 Bantam Silkie Roosters Need a New Home


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
We are searching for a new home for 3 of our Bantam Silkie Roosters. These boys are cute, loveable, friendly, and healthy.....they're just giving the ladies too hard of a time! They were born last August from Meyer Hatchery here in Iowa. Two are black and one is white with blue. I can send you pictures if you're interested:)
Um, I've never done that before....I'd be willing to ship if you're willing to pay the postage. :)
Where do you live in Iowa? I have two girls that would love to give the Bantam's a new home they are obsessed with them and the eggs I purchased through the mail didn't pan out.
We're in SD but get to the western side of Iowa alot but I see where you are at now, we were just in Des Moines last weekend had I seen the post I would have detoured. If it doesnt work out for the other interested party I would pay the shipping to get them up here, it would be worth the smiles on the girls faces haha
Um, I've had no further reply....so if you're still interested I will check into the exact cost and logistics and let you know. You do have a coop or chicken barn, right? Thanks, June

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