3 Bantams in one week..... ?

Buxton Ducks

10 Years
Jan 16, 2012
Buxton, Maine
I went to lock my coop door tonight and found my third partially eaten chicken. I lost a 9 year old belgian d'anvers on saturday, than a cochin roo yesterday and today I lost another d'anvers. The two d'anvers were elderly but the cochin was only a year old. Their heads were all eaten off and several feathers removed. It is happening while I am at work in the afternoon. I only let them free range when I am home so whatever this is, it's getting into their run and coop. I am at a loss, I have skirting, wire cover, and hardware cloth over the windows.


7 Years
Aug 20, 2012
Ray, Michigan
This is my first year with chickens, I had no idea that things can get into there coop and kill them. We built an indoor coop inside one of our green houses and fenced in the coop and have a trap door to open up so they can come out side in a fenced in area, we even have a fenced (chicken wire) roof. Are they still not safe?

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