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    Jul 4, 2009
    I have up for auction 2.5 month olds. 3 Bearded Black Split Lavender Silkies from my Lavender Pen. (1black split lav chick has partridge leakage.)I have only Lavender Roosters in this pen.(Yellow Band) 2 Black Silkies. (Red Band) These are unsexed. These are not a cull, I just don't breed Blue & Black Silkies anymore. I am NPIP & AI OH-432. These are healthy. These will be bathed before they ship out. I accept Paypal, Google Checkout, and Money Orders. Actual pictures of chicks for sale. None of the chicks have extra toes or less toes. All have 5 toes. None have single combs. Shipping: $60.00

    Lavender Split Silkies have yellow bands. Black silkie chicks have red bands on.

    Lavender Split chick pictures: (Yellow Bands)


    This one is the one that has a little partridge showing on its head:

    Black Silkie Chicks Pictures: (Red Bands)


    Picture of the Lavender Father to the Black Split lav chicks. He is molting right now. He has great foot feathering: Edited to add Picture of the father.

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