3 Belgian d'Anver pullets: Brown Red, Black and Quail PICs!

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    This auction is for 3 9-week old Belgian Bearded d'Anver pullets. The Quail is potentially show quality (has no disqualifying faults as of the current moment and comes from good background). She is a bit dark and could use some more lacing but shows promising type. Would be great for breeding to a lighter colored male with heavy lacing.

    The Brown Red d'Anver pullet was out of my blacks - I have no use for her color but she is a very nice looking pullet for anybody who is interested in this variety. She has good neck lacing and a smidgen of dainty lacing on the front of her neck. She has no disqualifying traits and were the Brown Red a standard variety of d'Anver - she would be a promising show specimen. Alas this is a non-standard variety. She has a 2011 ABA band on.

    The Black d'Anver pullet is beautiful but, unfortunately, not show quality because she is missing a spike on the end of her comb. She is extremely healthy and would make an adorable addition to a backyard. You could potentially breed her if you have experience in dealing with lots of spikeless combs (they are strongly genetic), but she'd probably just be better off as a pet. Black is truly gorgeous and my girls lay lots of larger bantam eggs (big for a bantam - which is still pee-wee in the commercial market egg scale [​IMG] ). She could be a good broody mom someday too.

    These girls are a bit timid but have been handled on a weekly basis so have had human contact. With a bit of patience they should tame down nicely. Pick-up would be fine. I can also ship but I will need to locate a shipping box. Buyer is to pay actual cost of shipping - which last time I checked was about $40.00 - but the price may have recently gone up. If I have to buy a box, the buyer will also have to pay for that as well, ($15 now, I think, but will have to check). Alternatively, the buyer can ship me an USPS approved live bird box. I will try to get some better pictures up soon - these pics are not as complementary as they should be....
    Asking $10.00 per pullet, but price IS negotiable. Make me an offer I can't refuse. Any questions? Call me (360)388-5664 or email: [email protected]

    Kristen Ramsdell
    Brown Red pullet (she is behind a Quail pullet (NOT the one for sale, the Quail pullet in this photo was culled) - as I said I will get better photos up!)

    Black pullet

    Quail pullet
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