3 Black & 1 Blue Cochin Hens For Sale (NC-no shipping)


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Jan 26, 2007
Mountains of NC
Downsizing more. Three black cochin hens for sale and one blue pullet. All from great quality stock, though the blue girl is younger and not as showy (she'll be a year in August, IIRC). All old enough to lay, though I've not gotten any eggs in about 3 weeks. All NPIP tested except the blue (she was too young when we had it done). Will be dusted, etc. before selling. $15 each or $50 for all 4. Located in Marion, NC, zip 28752. Please be prepared to bring your own crates, boxes, etc. No shipping at this time. Pictures may be available once I figure out which ones are going. ;-) (You can see some old pictures on my cochins byc page over there <<<--- though)
Come on over!

I've downsized a lot, but these gals can just stay here if I can't sell them at this price. I definitely paid more than that for most of them (except the blue gal was hatched out here).

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