3 Breeds hatched together-1 of them dying!!

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Jun 11, 2014
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We hatched
Buff Orpingtons
Lavender Orpingtons
All together in the same incubator.
No problems at all - That is until 3 days in under lamp and all were thriving well with food and water. The Buffs began dying off 1 each day
We’ve used this incubator for over a year. Not to mention we’ve been hatching for a number of years and never experienced ANYTHING like this.

Not enough information for us to try to help you solve this.

Were these chicks in a brooder under a heat lamp when they began dying or still in the incubator? It's not clear from your post.

What bedding are the chicks on? What is the temperature in the brooder? Under the heat, away from the heat?

Size of brooder? Number of chicks total? What are they eating? Grit offered? Water source? Well water by any chance?

Any older chickens? Are the chicks occupying the same soil they are on?
•Heat Lamp 50”-60” above box. Didn’t think to check heat this time or last 4 hatches. It’s in the same location as all have been the last 4 years since we moved homes in the farm. (They’ve taken over the pet sink)
•Hatched in incubator then moved to box. Temp in incubator 37.6C
•Shavings as bedding-what we’ve always used.
•10 Buffs hatched. 2 Aussies 1 Lavender
•a bit of sugar added to water to get them started then changed.
The other breeds are thriving well. Have since moved them to their outdoor brood box in the grow out nursery to see if that might help. Another died during the night. 5 Buffs now.
Please answer all the questions. There's still important information you've left out. How long have they been outside and are they on natural soil?
Sorry if it sounds like an interogation. Not what was intended. Questions are the only way to fill the gaps of missing info. It could be possible that coccidiosis is what's killing your chicks. It's present in the soil everywhere and baby chicks can be especially vulnerable. Perhaps you'd consider treating them with Corid. It can't hurt.
No problem. We had that outbreak in the old chicken house some 6 years ago. Never heard of it in chicks.
A dose of it for them wouldn’t hurt I suppose. I keep the featherbabies their own medicine cabinet.
Will pull it out and go to dosing.
Thanks. Was just puzzled. Why just them?
Immune system function can vary. We see it in humans, too. Individuals all exposed to the same pathogen, not everyone gets sick.

Remember to withhold vitamins during Corid treatment.
I’ve got them treated now. The remaining 5 Buffs don’t appear to be as lethargic this time of the day as the others began each day.
I’ve kept the vitamin waters from them we usually give them to strengthen them for the “big world”.
We’ve just never encountered such a thing. New things come along I guess.
Thanks so much for your help. ❤️

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