3 chickens need a new home Pittsburgh,PA

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    Feb 4, 2015
    Three beautiful and healthy laying hens are looking for a new home. They are 1 year old and I had them since there were 1 day old. Coco is a leader. She is a Road Island Red and she is almost everyday layer and the most docile of three. Suzie is a beautiful Plymouth Rock and also almost everyday layer. She is a very quiet and a little shy girl. Lala is smaller than the other two. What a beauty! She is a Golden Spangled Hamburg always looking for a new adventure, very curious and smart. She lays 4-5 eggs a week a little smaller but very tasty eggs. All three of them are currently laying.
    I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I move out to the west coast very soon and unfortunately cannot take my girls with me :(
    I would like them to be adopted together. I would like to make sure that they will be taken care of.
    I have some supplies for them as well.
    If interested please call me 412-244-0509

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