3 classes in an hour!


10 Years
Jun 25, 2010
Just returned from the kids school. I went into three classes- gave a talk with visual aid (a poster my 2nd grader made for the fair last year about chickens that has pictures of our chickens on it), passed out the chicks for kids to at least touch the chicks and was very surprised by coming out in an hour.

I am hoping that the kids learned a bunch... in 2nd grade I had some boys try to buy the chicks- I hope that I don't have angry parents calling me as they asked how they could get chicks from me and I told them I only talk to Mom's and Dad's about chicks/chickens to have...

I also brought in two eggs to show that chicks don't just hatch from white eggs but also brown as well as pointing out that there are many different colors of eggs and they are all good to eat.

Anyone else sharing their chicks for education?
Yup! They seem to get so much from it. Life cycles are are in the second grade science curriculum here so that is who I visit the most often. Like you I have found that they love the chicks, are amazed at how friendly the adults are...and that the eggs they eat actually come out of a chicken's butt! (I'd hate to be the poor person who introduces them to cows!)

I was thankful no one pointed out that the egg comes from the chicken's butt!
Just finished the last class and the kids were so excited! They LOVED the chicks and I think all went well. I was a bit nervous about letting everyone hold the chicks but for the pre-school class I held the chicks and the kids just touched them with one finger.

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