3 day old aggressive to 2 wk olds


7 Years
Oct 29, 2012
Hello !

Today I put a 3 day old chick (the only one to hatch from natural incubation from 10 eggs) in with 11 2 week olds because he kept chirping from loneliness. However after watching for 2 hours straight, the little guy keeps pecking the olders beaks/feet making them at times aggressive to him by pecking back and at one time a bigger bird sort of kicked him thus he scurries around yet comes back to peck them again (when all has settled). This happened continously for 2 hours straight and I noticed his beak has a tiny dot of blood however he is definitely the instigator ..

Is this normal behaviour? I'd have assumed the older ones to be aggressive first. I'll see how the night goes though ..

OH also, on his second day we put him in a small white foam box (15cm high) lined with my old cotton shirt & he kept trying to jump out. He actually made it to the top and was hanging half way. Luckily I was there at the time otherwise he'd have fell out & hurt himself. I was just surprised because he was 2 days old! Maybe his just a natural tough fella..

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