3 day old baby chick making rasping sounds.


Nov 22, 2019
I have a lonely chick who hatched and her chirping has been super raspy and shes also been sneezing, and her breathing has crackly sounds? Shes very lively but i know that could change very quickly. She also dosnt eat food on her own, or drink. All my other chicks started eating and drinking the day or day after they hatched. She does eat food that i mix with water from a straw that i cut down the middle. Ive had other chicks who made this kinds of sounds and they died. what should i do?
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Is a vet an option? It sounds like some sort of respiratory infection. Single chicks are hard to raise and keep happy.
not at the moment no, although her breathing has gotten a bit better, but her chirping still is raspy and shes still sneezing. shes also running around chirping for me whenever i take my hand out of the brooder
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she started to get better and her chirping was fine, only sneezing every once in a while but now shes gasping? with like bubbly sounds

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