3 day old chick standing on one leg only, help please

Purple House

Dec 14, 2016
I had two unrelated Welsummer roosters and lost one a little over three weeks ago. I quickly put his girls' eggs in the incubator and this little one is the only boy that hatched, so I'd really like to save him.

I had rubbery shelf liner in the incubator and he's been on paper towels in the brooder. The first day he walked normally, on day two I woke up to him looking like this. I tried putting a little band aid between both legs to help hold them together, but he still hopped around with one leg in the air. I also tried making a little shoe for him, it didn't help either.

How can I get his right leg fixed so that he can put weight on it and walk normally? He's eating and drinking.


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An injury or a slipped tendon are possibilities. With chick leg and foot problems, it is wise to always use chick vitamins in the water. Riboflavin or B2 is most important. Some use baby vitamins--Polyvisol without Iron 2-3 drops daily orally. Do a search for slipped tendon in a chick. There are ways to try to put the tendon back in place and splint it. If it is instead an injury, then it may take some time to heal. Good luck.

Purple House

Dec 14, 2016
Thanks, I've watched videos, looked at pictures. The right hock is swollen and a little red. I've wrapped in in vet wrap. Is the goal to keep the leg straight or to have the chick stand on it? There's a lot of confusing and conflicting information out there.

The tendon doesn't look out of place, but I've never had to deal with this before and I might be seeing/doing this wrong.


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