3 Day old chick, vent problems.


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Chick is 3 days old, he has pooped since he hatched.... but he didn't poop at all last night, I can't see any from him today- he is on sawdust so it's possible its just soaked in. He's a lone chick and is eating (or at least trying to) and drinking fine but his fluff above and below his vent is sticky and un-fluff like, his vent also appears swollen and quite hard underneath but it may just be me- I have nothing to compare him to. I tried bathing it in warm water and this didn't help.
Any ideas? Am I just being paranoid?
I had the same problem with one of my chicks on my last hatch. Someone on here told me to mix molasses in their water. This is supposedly a natural laxitive for poultry. You may try this, it worked for me. Also, i would continue washing their vent with warm water.
First off a three day old chick should not be on sawdust. They will eat that and cause severe problems. You should have them on papertowels for at least a week before using medium size pine shavings. Some people I know wont switch to shavings for 2 weeks.

Get this chick on paper towels so you can monitor it properly. Keep the chicks butt clean, offer plenty of water and feed. Vitamins given into the beak would not hurt right now. If it ate sawdust, his system may be all backed up. Best of luck to you.
Ok, so he's off the sawdust, I'm feeding him a drop of olive oil once an hour and he has molasses in his water but still no poops. His vent is not blocked at all from the outside, but very swollen as if it's blocked form inside. He also smells pretty bad... he's tweeting constantly and sounds so distressed. Please, any more advice?

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