3 day old chick with head tilt?

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    My baby quail chick isn’t standing up and when I pick him up his head is tilted. He will twist his head until he is almost looking upside down. He was fine yesterday. He just lays on his side and sometimes his head shakes and he flaps his little wings and kicks his legs. It’s really had to watch... what is this? What can I do?
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    I'm new and no expert but...
    could you give him save-a-chick? (electrolytes and vitamins)
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    Perhaps @JaeG or @007Sean can help you with your baby Quail.
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    It sounds like perhaps it may have wry neck. This thread had a great treatment explanation from TwoCrows:

    Sometimes quail chicks are weak and just don't recover fully from hatching. It isn't unusual to lose the odd one or two so don't think you've done anything wrong if that happens. But hopefully with a little TLC your baby will pull through.
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    Make sure you vitamins contain vitamin B1 thiamin, vitamin E, and selenium which help to treat wry neck (torticolis.) It is usually is from a vitamin deficiency or hereditary, but in older chicks can be from a head injury. Poultry Cell or Poultry NutriDrench has all those vitamins and selenium, or you can use others, even baby vitamins without iron, and give a little cooked egg yolk for selenium.

    You will need to dip her beak into water and help her eat. Making a thin paste of her chick feed plus water is a good way to help her eat when you hold her every couple of hours.
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