3 day old chick with sore eye (red in corner). Pic.

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    Hoping you can offer input as to a sudden sore eye. Possibly the wee chick got something in it, as it wasn't noticeable this morning and was fine yesterday. The flock have been recently wormed (in the last month). The wee things did have an adventure the night before last - rats chewed a hole in the floor of the hutch that their 'mum', Olive had chosen as her broody place, and I arrived in the morning to Olive alone in her coop. Thought the worst for a while, until I took her out to give her a hug (which she didn't really appreciate) and put her down outside... THEN I heard the wee three peeping (three chicks)... they'd survived however long they'd had to, and the rats had not killed them - amazing considering they were so very small.

    Anyway, this evening when I went to put Olive and co to bed (now in a different coop that has its own run), I noticed that one of the possible pullet's eyes was red in the corner and obviously sore. I did give it a quick wipe, but that was as much as I could do for the night. Thought I'd seek some info on here from wise chook folk first.

    Here are a couple of pictures:


    Any ideas? Just 'stuff' in her eye?
    Here's a pic of 'her' good eye (excuse the 'selfie'-like distortion)


    Help is, as always, much appreciated.

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