3 day old chick with swollen belly


8 Years
Dec 27, 2013
On Aug 2 1 chick of 2 hatched. The humidity was off in my incubator. It is a NN so it skin is very thin to begin with but I could see thru it. Its umbilical cord was still partially attached and its belly was very swollen. Then I noticed the splayed leg. This poor chick was all alone and chirping all the time. I made a brace for the legs and its getting around better. Tho still not stable due to the swollen belly. I thought the chirping was due to being along so I bought a 3 day old chick today to keep it company. No change is the chirping.
I have been hand feeding it just to make sure it is eating. And I have been dipping its beak in water. I am just worried about the swollen belly. 1st pic is just after hatch 2nd pic 5 hours later and 3rd pic is 2 days old. Thanks for any advice you have to offer!


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