3 day old chicks for sale $2 each or sell the whole lot for $1.50 each


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Jan 16, 2015
Jennings County, IN

I hatched out way more then we need. Looking to sell as many as we can. All chicks are mix. Father is a RIR. Mothers are Austrolorp, RIR, White Leghorn. I have approx 40 chicks to sell and I really don't wish to ship so its local pickup or delivery only. I can drive within around 25 miles from my home in North Vernon, IN. Chicks are $2 each or if you buy all 40 I will sell for $1.50 each. Please give these babies a home. I also have a 8-9 week old RIR rooster for $7 and a 6-8 week old barnyard mix feather leg rooster with a pea comb for $9. All chicks are straight run
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