3 day old turkey poult questions


10 Years
Jul 16, 2012
Buckley, Washington
I had a chicken go broody so I gave her turkey eggs to hatch. It looks like I have 2 turkeys that made it to hatch and seem to be doing good physically, the hen taught them how to eat and drink from their bowls (well kinda... they are trying really hard to get with the program...). But I have them in a XL dog crate and Mama and poults seemed to want out so I let them out. Bad idea...

My first question is, are Turkeys really... ummmm... dumb or at least slow? Because a problem I had when I let them out is they run to the nearest bird or moving large object and didn't pay attention to the broody hen. They also were attracted to my 3 week old chicks but that broody hen did not do well with another broody and new babies around.

Is it normal for them to dash around pecking at anything and eating feathers??? They have food and I have seen them eat and drink.

They are so cute and cuddly (much more then chicks) but this broody chicken raising turkeys is not going to work if these babies don't start listening to her. This is a new broody also and so far she has not proved to me she has what it takes to raise babies.

Maybe its just a bad combo with a not so good broody and slow poults.

I am super serious about throwing in the towel on my turkey experiement... I love them (even more then chickens) but

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