3 days bloody poop

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  1. I have been treating my chicks and pullet for cocci with Corid in water, and yogurt, raw garlic mashed in crumbles.

    I am still seeing all blood. Occassionally they will have a somewhat real looking poop, but over all it is pure cherry koolaid still on day 3.

    Is this normal or should I try something else?

    Xoxoxo Annmarie
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    Perhaps the chicks arnt drinking the treated water or enough of it to be effective. Sick birds wont drink anything. Use an eyedropperful of the treated water and put it to the side of their beak to drink. You may have to do this 4-5 times a day in order for it to be effective, then they'll be able to drink the treated water on their own. Dont mix anything else into the treated water.

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