3 days old with wierd blister on shoulder?


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Some of my 25 chicks have a wierd blister thing in their neck area, about where I would say a human would have a shoulder. Only on the right side? Looks gross - its under the skin. We are brand new at this and aren't sure if we did something wrong or if we need to do something now. Plz help! Everyone is eating and drinking fine. Poo is wetter than I expected, but I don't really know what normal looks like. They act happy, and we manage the temp well. Can someone explain?
Did you order them and have them vaccinated? My first guess would be it's where they were vaccinated and it just hasn't fully absorbed yet. If you could post a couple of pictures (and edit your title to say pics included) you'll be able to get more help. That is, if you mean on top where a shoulder would be.

If you mean on their chest, it's their crop and normal. Fills up with food and then goes down.
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Are you asking about the crop? If so, it is completely normal. Chickens store their food there while it is being processed. In the morning it should be down. It is on the right side of their body and on a chick can get pretty big.

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