3 days till hatch, broody left nest UPDATE: I heard a peep! :)

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    yes, I had two broodies in my nursery and the one with chicks decided she didn't want to care for them anymore and ignored them. The broody still setting left the nest and started caring for the babies. Well, I have only a few days to go until hatch and so quickly put those 4 eggs into my LG incubator (no fan, just basic), filled up the water wells and got the temperature steady at 99.5'F The incubator was still sealed in the box as I'd bought it for future use. I have only 1 thermometer and no hydrometer (is that what it's called?). Is there anything I should be doing that I'm not thinking of? Do I need to put a wet sponge in there?

    Thanks for any advice I get [​IMG]
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  3. good luck
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    Those eggs are tougher than you think, but getting an LG to the correct temp in time is going to be hard. I would have locked up that hen with the eggs and put the chicks in a brooder, if she would let you. I have four hens who are nest swapping now and those eggs get cold all the time, but are hatching in spite of it. I just make the nest very dark and mamma will sit there as long as I want her to. I wish you the best of luck, maybe someone will jump in with some real good advice.

    silly hens, they don't use those pea-sized brains much while broody. HenZ
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    Quote:actually, I didn't have a prob getting the LG to temp... took like an hour to do and maybe fine-tuned a bit, but the eggs were out of the nest for longer than that so maybe we're good [​IMG] It's been at a steady temp for a whole day now [​IMG]
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    Best of luck!
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    Well, I just put my ear up to the air hole in the top and listened. I heard 1 peep and some knocking so at least 1 egg in there is still good [​IMG] Their due date isn't until tomorrow so that's just the first peeper [​IMG]
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