3 dead bantams. 1 bantam left now.

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    so i was looking for bantam chickens awhile ago and came across a guy in san diego who breeds bantams. he was having a special so off we went on a two hour drive about back in February. not long after we got them one of them died. i know at the time we got them one of the chickens was laying, one was about to start laying, and then two had just been moved outside into a pen with no heater. so about a month after we got them give or take one died no signs of why she died. then we had three. on July 29 we had a brush fire in our backyard. (theres a hill behind our house the fire came all the way up to our property fence) thankfully fire department responded quickly and with the the help of some random stranger he helped hold off the fire that was near our property. we had 25 chickens that back up to our property line under a mulberry tree. the tree didnt catch fire but some of its heat damaged. all our chickens were fine. at the bottom of our hill in our back yard is where our bantam chickens are. the day after the fire i noticed our black bantam chicken wasnt in the box with her flock. she was dead. no clue how she died. thats two chickens now that died with no noticeable cause. today i went out there to show my best friend the damage from the fire (minimal to the back hill just a bunch of burnt brush.) fluffy was up and walking around in her pen. three hours later i go to put my chickens away. shes dead stiff on the floor. now i know her butt got cloged. there was a bunch of poop on her bottom but she never showed signs anything was wrong. i have no clue what to do with the fourth bantam who's now all alone. why does this keep happening? was it a bad breeder? im ****** off. we paid $210 for these birds and now three out of four are dead. i do have pictures of them so ill show you which are gone and which ones still alive. thanks for any insight as to what might be happening.

    the first three are dead. the last ones still alive.

    first one to die. butterfly. she had the markings of like a monarch butterfly

    second one to die. cocoa.
    third to die. fluffa (fluffy with an accent)

    last one standing. poor little lonely cheetah.
    this is the fire from the other day. thats the guy that showed up out of no where grabbed a hose and helped hold off the flames from our chickens. no clue who he is. under the green mulberry tree is where we have 25 chickens and down on the bottom of the hill where im standing near the house off to the right is where the three bantam chickens were. all of our other 25 chickens are perfectly fine. didnt even run out when the guy went into there pen to water down the branches of the tree. he also picked up one of our three turtles that came out to see the commotion.

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