3 Egg Laying Hens need to be Re-Homed ~ Orange County, CA


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Sep 27, 2015
Huntington Beach, CA
I have one Black Star and two Production Reds who need to be re-homed. They will be re-homed for free to anyone who loves hens. :)

Every day I get 3 beautiful eggs! But when the egg laying happens the hens like to announce it and I have a set of neighbors who is distressed by this. My city allows me to have up to 6 Hens (I only have 3) and I fall with in the surface area permitted. So no problems with the City - it's my neighbor. It's not worth the 20 year relationship I've had with my neighbors to argue the point. These hens were given to me and I took them in and cared for them very well.

Very healthy
Have always free ranged
Age - 1 year 4 months

**With the hens you will get their coop and all left over supplies (large bag of bedding, small bag of hay, feed pellets, scratch, oyster shell and grit)

***Local deliver included. If you are in or near Orange County I will deliver

Hi Liz, are you still looking for a home for these girls? I'm in Los Angeles and would gladly take them.

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