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    I've had my three chooks for a week now and i'm getting between two and three eggs a day.I posted a question about getting them to lay in their box's and was told to try golf balls in the box's (it worked)i went and checked one afternoon and the golfball was out of the box and the chook as in there laying.do they lay all year round or do they(go off the boil)and stop laying at certain times of the year?
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    That's grea news Congratulations.

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    Quote:[​IMG] Jim, I love you folks from Oz and your quirky sayings. Off the boil!!! [​IMG]

    To answer your question, depending on the breed, they can go on strike in the winter. I have one that is STILL on strike the slacker!! So while you are reading about our overabundance of eggs in July and August, you will be getting 2-3 per week.

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