3 F Muscovies and 3 (2 F, 1M) muscovy crosses in NV (Carson City area)

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  1. Disabled owner can no longer care for her beloved pet ducks. There are 3 female muscovies - one is mom to the other two who are about a year old. They are black and white. The owner would like them to stay together as they are a family. There are also 3 muscovy/rouen crosses. Two are small brown females and one is a largish black and white male. Although the crossed females lay eggs, the crosses are not fertile. These ducks are pets, not food, and the owner is desparate to find a good home or homes for them on doctor's orders to do no bending or lifting. Please consider whether you might like some nice duck eggs, insect- eating garden helpers, and cute feathery friends. Thank you.
    (While I am in OK, the ducks are not in OK! I'm just trying to help her; she is in Wellington NV, near Carson City area, south of Reno - just across the CA/NV border)
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    Apr 16, 2007
    too bad they are not closer to PA. My muscovy darake needs some friends so he stops harassing my roos.
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    Poo. I wish I could help. I love ducks.
  4. Well, I have ideas for both of you! I will email each of you in case you seriously want to help with adopting abandoned ducks in your areas. Same is true for others on the group. If you have interest in adopting ducks or geese needing homes, I'd be happy to check our list of ducks and geese desperate for your help and you can see if anything available would interest you. I'm part of Duck Rescue Network (duckrescuenetwork.org) and we are always needing homes for ducks and geese. Thanks so much for responding. I'm still searching for homes for these 6 NV ducks.
    -Chick Mom in OK
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    You rock, Chick Mom! [​IMG]

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