3 finalists!


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
Im starting too many threads sorry about that last one for a while i promise, ok ive narrowed it down to either

- white campbell
- khaki campbell
- cayuga

can anybody list a few of the pros and cons of each breed? thanks
I cant do that because im buying the eggs from ebay and each breed come a 6 pack thats why i need to stick with one
I am very happy with my Khaki Campbells. I got them for their reputation for being good frequent layers and they haven't disappointed me. They rarely miss a day all year long. I keep them in a duck house overnight and every morning there is usually one egg apiece from each of the hens. Then they are allowed to free-range the yard for the rest of the day & evening.

I started with one drake and four hens. The eggs have great fertility and I've hatched them in incubators, under chicken hens, and even have had 2 of the duck hens go broody and hatch ducklings.

Of course, the eggs are deeeeeeeeelicious and make all baked goods taste fantastic.
White Campbells are kind of rare, I haven't heard much of people's experience with them, but I would guess they would pretty much like Khaki Campbells in most respects except color.
Khaki Campbells are fabulous egg layers, are usually skittish and not too friendly, usually are not too frequent quackers.
Cayugas are decent egg layers, a little more friendly, and maybe on average about as quiet as the Campbell.
None of these breeds are known for going broody or flying, although exceptions have been reported.
I'm just summing up what I have read from other people's experience plus my limited experience with two Khaki Campbell hens.

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