3 FREE Beautiful LFC Frizzle Roosters for Local Pickup!


The Chicken Princess
9 Years
Apr 24, 2010
Hello! It's time to re-home 3 of our extra LFC Frizzle roosters! They are almost 4 months old and come from Show Quality stock. I ordered them straight run from Fay at Frizzled feathers on May 30th and I chose 8 that I thought were girls. Looks like I was wrong.

Anyway, they are free for local Pick-up only! I live in Central Pennsylvania and my zip is 16648. If anyone is interested in them, please PM me. Do not email me, because i rarely check it! PMing is faster.

These guys are all sweet and docile and they have'nt started crowing yet. They are starting to get into little 'arguments' so a flock of their own would be nice. I will supply more pictures if needed.

Thanks for looking!
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