3 heavy laying hens mid MO- won't ship

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    Since I'm going to focus on bantams, I have to reduce my heavy breed numbers.

    My 2 yr olds Skinny and Butterball are at the top of the pecking order, as well as my year old Bandit. They are picking in my D'uccles, so it's time to find a home with someone with all standard chickens. Since December, Bandit lays every other day, Skinny lays approx 2-3 huge eggs a week still, and Butterball about 2-3 eggs a week. They do better when it's warmer. Skinny and Butterball are tame and good with kids, and Bandit prefers to run.

    Skinny- New Hampshire
    Butterball- Buff Orpington
    Bandit- Child of Butterball and a Crazy white crested black polish. Picture of Bandit: [​IMG]

    You can see pics of Skinny and Butterball on my BYC page when they were 8 wks old
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