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Apr 23, 2012
I have 3 RIRs, which I got about 5 weeks ago. The seller told me they were around 17 weeks old, and should start laying at 20 weeks. I started getting eggs 9 days ago, but the most I've gotten in any day is 2, and sometimes just 1. I think I know which 2 are laying - could the other one be a "dud"??? She was unwell last week, but has recovered and is healthy again. Could she just be a little less mature than the other 2, or could whatever illness she had have slowed her egg production? I'm not bothered too much by it, as I like them as pets, but am curious as to why only 2 seem to be laying,.
I have had that too. I figured out that I had an everyday egg layer, and and every-other-day layer. I always shake my head at the variable number of eggs that I get. One day it was 8 the next it was 5. But I know that I have some new egg layers and I think they are building up to it. LOL
Thanks for that - so could it be that I have one "everday layer", and 2 "every-other-day layers"?? i.e., chicken 1 lays every day, chicken 2 lays monday, wed, and fri, and chicken 3 lays tues, thurs and sat?? (I know it doesn't quite work like that, but as an example??), resulting in 2 eggs a day?
I have eight hens that lay but they do not all lay every day. I see 6 eggs per day on average, sometimes 5 and other days 8. They are all healthy, just on different schedules. I wouldn't worry too much.
Is this something that will resolve itself over time - will they all start laying every day? Or is it just that some lay every day and others don't??
Mine seem to lay every 26 hours or so, but never at night. That means that some days it gets dark before everyone has a chance to lay. I am certain to find early morning eggs the following day. On a day by day basis, it looks like there is a dud in the flock. Over time, though, it is clear that everyone lays regularly. Don't sweat this, it will all even out in the near term.
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