3 hens, 3 roosters. Is this okay?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by homechick, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. homechick

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    Mar 26, 2007
    Mineola, Tx
    Is it a bad idea? All the roosters would be bantams. I have two right now and one of my students told me his family has a large flock of chickens, all standards besides this poor, bullied rooster. He has to feed him seperately and catches hens and roosters picking on him constantly. I told him I'd take him if he wanted. He has to check with his parents but we'll see. Anyway, is this a bad idea? Too many roosters?
  2. nikkimay

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    Apr 8, 2007
    Pacific NW
    I'm sure the experts will chime in soon.......... but i think what you would really have to watch out for is that the hens aren't getting too much "attention" from the roosters, and had some space they could escape to if need be.....

    It's very nice of you to take in the poor beaten up roo!
  3. bigzio

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    Jan 20, 2007
    homechick, 50% male and 50% female is not a good ratio. One male is enough for 10 to 12 females. Free range conditions where the flock is able to seperate during the day and only together at night to roost might work, however I would not recommend this as good flock ratios.

  4. Oh, Yeah!! I have 12 hens 1 adolescent rooster, and believe me, you woudn't want 3 of him!!(even to my 12)!! I can't wait until he slows down a bit!!. He is quite the stud !! Merry
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  5. SpottedCrow

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    I have to agree with Bigzio...Unless you want a bachelor pen with just your guys, I'd only keep one roo or get a whole bunch more ladies...
  6. homechick

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    Mar 26, 2007
    Mineola, Tx
    hmm. Getting 30 more hens is out of the question so I guess I better tell him I can't? Assuming he wants me to take him out of there, anybody around here want him? I'm in east texas (mineola).
    I love this place.. It's making me so chicken crazy.. I don't even have a coop built and I'm already looking at more chickens. I have a problem.

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