3 Hens, Each 11 weeks old, Crowing in the morning?

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    May 16, 2011
    My boyfriend and I are new to the world of raising hens, we started out with our 3 original girls, which happen to be the 3 hens who have taken up the hobby of 'crowing' It started when they were about 8-9 weeks old, it seemed as if one of our girls started crowing and within a few days the others started imitating her. Now while we are pretty confident they are all females, I suppose it could be possible they are males, but they dont hold any charecteristics of being roo's. We have read that while sometimes when a roo isnt present the hens will take on the charecteristics (ours being the crowing) of a rooster, any thoughts on this topic would be MUCH appreciated!!

    We are lucky enough to have two wonderful neighbors who don't mind a little noise in the morning, but ultimatley we cannot keep them if they are roosters. [​IMG]

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    Post some pictures on the Breed forum and people will ID for you if they are rooster for sure or not. Try to get a clear shot of the whole body, feet, tail feathers, and comb. Could take multiple pictures of each bird to get every angle you need for a good ID on gender.

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