3 Hens gone, rooster distressed - need advice!

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    May 16, 2015
    Hey all,
    My ladies were free in the yard today and my husband was inside. It was mid-day and my husband went outside to find white fluffy feathers all over the yard (we have a silkie cockerel) and three of our hens missing. My husband said the roo was just standing - I think what ever grabbed the 3 girls must have tried for him & gotten startled & left him behind. He doesn't have any visible wounds, but he may be in shock. He was bonded to 2 of the three pullets that got taken (he brooded with them & did everything with them.) The other hens in the coop tolerate him, but he's lower on the pecking order. He is a really sweet bird. I think he looks like he's having a little trouble breathing. I don't know if I should separate him out tonight, or keep him with his remaining flock? I'm generally overprotective, but I want things to get to normal ASAP. If there's internal injuries, I want to make sure that he doesn't get his tail kicked by the older girls. What in the world could have taken 3 full grown hens so fast??? A fox??? Dogs? I have no idea. We've lost a few in the last year, but I'm thinking we need to switch our methods to strict supervised free range.
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    I would still look for the other chickens--one or two could be hiding somewhere. You could bring him in just overnight to keep an eye on him since he probably is in shock. Then tomorrow, see how he does out with the others. He could be placed in a crate inside the coop if you feel he will be bullied, but they will probably work out the pecking order on their own. A dog, fox, or a raccoon could be responsible for the attack, but a hawk may have attacked, and scared the others to run off. Let us know what happens, and I hope you find them.

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