3 Magicfly Digital Mini Semi Automatic Egg Incubator ($40)

Selene uwu

May 16, 2019
Grand Rapids, Michigan
I have 3 Magicfly Digital Mini Semi Automatic Egg Incubator 10 Eggs Poultry Hatcher for Chickens Ducks Goose Bird I bought them a while back for a school project and ended up using them for quails, ducks, and a goose egg. It is a forced air incubator and has a good heater but does not have something to maintain humidity or an automatic turner. I was able to schedule my egg turns with my sleep and life schedule and to track the humidity I used these cheap humidity meters off amazon: Humidity meters after about a year and a half/two years the humidity meter gets weird (probably from the batteries)

The incubators are really great for starting out hatching or for fun projects! The lid has no grip to hold onto and the 3 parts can fall apart when you drop the lid or place it down too rough (Had a few accidents) but if you are willing to purchase I can DIY the incubators to be safer. There is a circular styrofoam piece that I have reused multiple times.

I fit about 10 quail eggs in each incubator (and could fit about 5 or so more quail eggs), 9 ducks eggs will fit there snugly, and if I had to guess I would say about 5 goose eggs can fit in there.



I am thinking of selling them for about $40 a piece (shipping included unless the shipping cost is out of our means)

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