3 Mille DeFleur D'uccle chicks...what is the sex of one of them???......


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May 4, 2012
Keller, VA
I have 3 and figure I know the sex for 2 of them. They are all 5 weeks old.
The first chick I am sure must be a roo. The 2nd I am sure is a pullet. But the 3rd's comb is smaller then the roo's and bigger than the pullet's. Maybe a slow roo? Any ideas???

BTW, I know the pics are poor but you can see the combs well enough to tell I think.


wow you have ended up with, from what i have seen in your post, at least 5 cockerels total and 2 pullets
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Yes!! I had first thought to let them go but then decided to keep 1 roo and whatever were pullets of those two. So...I am giving the roo to a riend. She started losing chickens to eagles today after losing 2 to Sandy.
Today I gave her..
Sebright pair
Black-tailed Buff Japanese roo
Lighter colored Partridge Silkie
Blue? Silkie
and the Mille Fleur Bearded D'uccle roo
all about 5 weeks old

I have 2 older Silkies...a buff and a porcelain... a white Cochin pullet ...all about 4-5 months old that I told her she could have but I told her it would be easier to get those situated after the trail ride we are going on tomorrow and she just left about an hr ago making it around 7:30 pm. We leave about 12 tomorrow and won't get back until after a cookout. :) I am finally meeting some people here that ride and like chickens, too!!!
We have been here a year and I am just now finding people!!!
cockeral pullet cockeral but the last one could be a girl it looks more like a boy though
Yeah, I was undecided about it's sex but figured it most likely a roo. I have never had this breed before and wondered though if pullet's sometimes looked like that!.

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