3 month old Ameraucanas and Black Australorps--Roos or Hens?


7 Years
May 28, 2012
Enumclaw, WA
We bought 8 chicks of various breeds from the local feed store, with their typical "90% chance" of getting pullets. They are now 3 months old today, and I'm afraid we may have 5 or 6 cockerels out of the 8. Before I do a mass sell-off of half of my flock, I want to make sure that they are, in fact, roosters. Our RIR and BR are obvious cockerels, but I'm not too sure about the Ameraucanas and Black Australorps. Any help would be beneficial.

This Ameraucana, which we call "Little Sister," started crowing about 2 weeks ago. As hideous as it sounds, it is a definite crow.

Hoot, which is Little Sister's big sister/brother, is the wildest of the flock, and tries to show dominance.

This Black Australorp, Daffy/Daphne, doesn't have much of a comb or wattle, but definitely more than our other BA.

The friendliest of them all, Blondie, will be the one cockerel we keep if we do actually have 5 or 6.
No clue but
Yep, they're all roos. Bummer luck at the feed store. I'd be talking to them, see how they can make it right for you. A roo or two, sure, but that's horrible!

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