3 month old Americaunas?


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May 20, 2016

Orange-head here is named Quetzalcoatl; I'm relatively confident that she is a pullet. (On an unrelated note, our two hens, one of whom raised her and her sibling, are being pretty aggressive towards her in particular. Any thoughts?)


(Im hoping these pictures arent as blurry as they look in my preview) And this is Kukumatz, and I'm a little worried about him being a rooster although that could be paranoia. Looks to have some semblance of saddlefeathers but i've seen other pictures with similar plummage that people have concluded are nonetheless pullets. The hens don't bother him nearly as much as they do Quetzalcoatl and he's much more talkative and outgoing. Trying to herd him towards a particular location is difficult which reminds me of my past 3 roosters but, then again, the hen that raised him is stubborn and isn't easy to herd either.

If the pictures are too blurry, let me know and i will upload better ones! Thank you!!
They are not Ameracaunas, they are called Easter Eggers.
The orange headed pullet is probably the lowest in the pecking order. If the other hens are pecking on her too hard and too often, you might want to separate them until she gets a tiny bit bigger.
Is the darker bird the same age as the other one? If so, he might be a cockerel. But, he does have female feathering, so it's kind of had to tell.
Thank you for the breed correction -- at the feed store, they were identified as "Americaunas ('Easter Eggers')" so I was under the impression that they were the same breed. Is there any relation to the two?
They are not the same thing, but hatcheries and feed stores seem to think they are. Ameraucana are a recognized breed. You know what you are getting. Easter Eggers, on the other hand, have not been bred towards any specific standard. You never know what you will get in terms of coloring, eggshell color, rate of development, laying ability, temperament, or size.

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