3 month old chick with broken front toes?


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May 23, 2011
Hey, I am new to posting here, but I have been reading here for info for the last couple years since I got chickens. Long story short we have some 3 month old chicks and one of my favorites (isn't it always) showed up with broken front toes on both feet today. They may have been like that longer, my sons normally feed and water. I was catching the baby roos to tame and noticed his toes on the front are bending off to the sides and are not rigid like they should be. He seems to be walking just fine, I don't know what happened, but suspect he may have fell while trying to roost? the chicks are still seperate from the older chickens so I don't think he got in a fight or was picked on. If he is walking just fine, can I assume he will be
I have a some Wyanadottes this year for the first time and I have also noticed that their toes are kinda like you described. They are about 9or10 weeks old. I have been wondering if it this is a breed trait or somewhat normal for them.
He is an easter egger, very pretty! I wanted to keep him because my main rooster is very sweet and docile, and good looking in his own right but is not as flashy. non of the other chicks have this problem so I am assuming his are broken, and I raised them in my basement until they were about 4 weeks old (it was cold out!) and his feet were fine then.
With the wyanadottes I was wondering if because of the way they walk their toes are like this, plus they are very big compared to the Reds, BRs and EEs I have. I did have a pullet get her toes ran over by the chick tractor last year, It swelled, turned blue, and she limped for awhile but the toes looks fairly normal now, not really crooked.
OK, well, I splinted them with craft sticks called skinny sticks and sports tape. It was kinda difficult becasue the break is right at the foot
But his toes are straigher. However some of the other chicks would not leave his feet alone so I put him in the wire dog crate inside the coop with the rest of them. doesn't seem to happy about that. I assume I will have to resplint every couple days, but don't know how long I should keep the splints on.

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