3-month old Cockerel surprise...1-year old roo...

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    Jul 20, 2009
    Hi! It's me again. LOL! Well, one of my 'babies' started to crow today. Which is what I suspected, but wasn't sure until today. Here's my question... How difficult will it be to transfer him to the layers? I have a 1-year old Buff Orpington Rooster in with them already. There are 4 hens and 12 pullets in there also. That should be enough girls to keep them happy, right? Ike, that's the 3-month old cockerel, is the only one going in with the layers. I don't want a roo in with my Silkies or my Polish...except the appropriate breed rooster...I'm going to supply some of the local 4H kids with Silkies & Polish so their parents don't have to pay the high shipping charges. Obviously, a Cochin mix rooster won't be acceptable as the 'father' for a Silkie or a Polish. LOL!

    Anyway, I love this little guy...he's going to be a very pretty 'mutt'.

    Any ideas on how to go about this as painlessly as possible for my little Ike? FYI: He is getting along fine with my Polish cockerel Marley at this time. He grew up with him, so he seems to have automatically assumed 2nd in command. Jake, the Buff Orp roo is very sweet and while he does a great job keeping about 6 of the girls rounded up at all times, he does allow me to handle any of the hens/pullets I wish and he lets me pick him up & pet him, etc. I know that doesn't mean he'll be friendly to a new roo on the block, though.

    Please don't tell me to rehome him or cull him (this we do not do...our chickens are family members - lol).

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks! [​IMG]

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