3 month old French Black Copper Marans Roosters for Adoption

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  1. Clothilde

    Clothilde Just Hatched

    Aug 29, 2016
    Our barred-rock Griselda went broody so we figured we would let her hatch some eggs, go through the cycle, foster the chicks and get on with it.

    We ordered fertilized BCM eggs. Griselda was a dedicated mother -she hatched out 2 hens and 2 roosters. We live in a town that does not permit roosters even though these guys are perfect gentlemen. They are very quiet and docile and get bossed around by our smallest red star.

    They are also gorgeous -lovely plumage that is iridescent purple, blue and rust colored. They are the classic French Chanticleer -a very refined and gentle breed with elegant feathers covering their feet. These youngsters, named Paul and Thomas, are simply too beautiful to wind up in Coq au vin.

    We are hoping that someone will want to add this rare breed to their flock. Surely there must be some flock of hens who would swoon over these Continental suitors!

    We live in Huntington, Long Island. Of course, these guys are free for adoption.

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