3 month old hurt it’s leg...


In the Brooder
Jan 23, 2018

Until a couple of days ago this chick was fine, walking and doing chook things. They have started getting out of their pen and into the young ducks who don’t seem to care they’re there. I’m not sure if it’s hurt it coming out of the pen or if it got on the bad side of the ducks. (The ducks are much bigger and even a warning might injure these little ones)
It’s limping around and it seems to have gotten worse. Today I pulled it out of the pen and popped it in isolation. Anything I should be doing??

I posted some images of how it’s standing. It walks on the outside of its foot with one toe turned inward.
It looks like a leg bone deformity on the right leg, such as varus valgus deformity which can get worse as they grow, but a hip injury or slipped tendon could also be a problems. Can you see a vet? Sometimes leg bone deformities can result in a blown out hock tendon. I hope you can help her.

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