3 month old Muscovy with leg problems

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    Jun 28, 2016
    Hello everyone. So I'm really new to raising ducks. More specifically, Muscovy's. I raised my first set with no issues what so ever. My second batch hatched out 12 little darlings. No issues there either. We fed them roughly 8oz of DuMOR Chick Starter Grower with about 30oz of cracked corn mixed together. They were housed in a 12x12 pinned area on my farm, allowing them to move around and graze on bugs. My cousin had close to 15 babies hatch, who were all full time free range other than at night time. After a month, she had four come down with what we are assuming was niacin deficiency (they were full splayed legs). She did however feed them the same starter that we were feeding ours. We assumed this was the problem and so everyone threw out the starter mix. She started adding Niacin to the water in an attempt to save hers. Unfortunately, they never recovered and started losing weight so she had to what she had to do. Here is where my problem starts. Two weeks ago, one of my little ones started walking funny and her feet started to turn inwards. I immediately took her to a vet, where they gave her a shot and pet tabs (supposedly this has all the nutrients they need) broken down into bits. For the last two weeks she was doing ok as far as getting around. She was able to keep up with the others (we moved them to a large pen that's roughly 40x12). She would take about 3 to 4 steps before falling those first few days. Then we thought she was getting better, she would make it about 10 to 15 before falling, but her legs would quiver. Still walking pigeon toed, but she was getting around. Standing up straight and was even able to stretch upwards and flap her little wings without falling. I started adding Niacin without the stuff that prevented the flushing to their water bowls right after this started. Then this morning I took her outside (she's been staying in my bathroom at night so that I could keep an eye on her) and she was unable to stand up straight and was walking around on her "knee". During the last two weeks, when she would pick up her feet to step, the foot would attempt to curl but would flatten as it hit the ground. After two hours, she was finally able to stand straight up but was having some issues with her feet curling with her steps and was doing a lot of walking on her ankles. I took her back to the vet and she received another shot. A few hours later she was doing good as far as the feet only curling after a few steps as opposed to almost every one and she was making it a few steps before falling. However as night approached she was back to square one from this morning. I don't know what to do to help her. Is she niacin deficient, too much niacin, something else? I'm looking at getting her and my other guys different food but have no idea what to get. They are currently fed cracked corn, various vegetables and anything they get from the grass and whatever bugs. My first group was fed what I'm currently feeding the others.

    I found at Orscheln Farm and Home they sell Country Lane 16% All Flock feed. "Country Lane[​IMG] 16% All Flock feed is designed to be fed to chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guinea fowl and gamebirds as a grower, layer and maintenance ration."
    Size: 40 Lb.
    • Provide grit at 1 to 2 lbs per 100 birds at least once per week until oyster shell is used
    • Be sure to offer oyster shell as a source of additional calcium during the laying period
    • Birds allowed to forage will consume less feed
    • Prevent feeders from running empty
    • Clean, fresh water should be available at all times
    • Crude Protein (min)....16.0%, Crude Fat (min)....3.0%, Crude Fiber (max)....9.0%

    Would this be ok? Sorry for the LONG paragraph



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