3 month old pullet has had diarrhea for 10 days

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    May 22, 2019
    Hi - first time chicken owner here

    One of my pullets (hard to tell which) has had yellow, foamy poops for 10 days. I did a quick google search and it seems colour/consistency points to diarrhea. Here are the details:
    -none of them are acting different then usual; they are all drinking water, eating, playing, perching as usual.
    -there is not a lot of diarrhea, just 1 or 2 every day I come home and look
    -they are in a chicken tractor which is moved daily from one patch of grass to another
    -they have a dust bath made of dirt and sand, and nesting boxes filled which commercial sawdust
    -we have been putting apple cider vinegar in their water, and giving them bits of yogurt
    -they normal eat a diet of growers crumble with some hen scratch, grit, and meal worms here and there

    Any suggestions? Should we be worried? Any advice is much appreciated.
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Welcome to BYC. Do you have any pictures of the droppings? Getting some droppings tested for coccidiosis or worms would be helpful, if you can take some in to a local vet. Cecal poops which occur every so many droppings can sometimes look foamy and runny. Coccidiosis is treated with Corid or amprollium from the feed stores in the cattle medicines. Dosage is 2 tsp (10ml) of Corid liquid per gallon of water for 5-7 days. Drinking a lot of water on hot days can cause watery droppings.

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